Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Final Critique

This is the final critique of the online news source I chose to evaluate for an Online Journalism at DePaul University. It was intended for educational purposes and the views expressed are my own.

I filmed this on my own in my bedroom where I knew it would be quite. The lighting is not the best and the auto focus was not cooperating. Other than those two issues, I would love to hear your comments and thoughts!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

UPDATE: Flipped Car, Sheffeild Ave. & Fullerton Ave

Here’s an update about the car flipped over on Sheffield last Friday that Liza covered(http://tinyurl.com/crmogt). I interviewed two DePaul Students who witnessed the accident and helped the person out of the flipped car. Louis McGill and Jeremy Applebaum (both seniors) were driving north on Sheffield and were stopped at the light on Fullerton when the accident happened.

Here is what they saw: According to both McGill and Applebaum, the car clipped an SUV parked in front of the Post Office on Sheffield. The clip was just enough force to flip the car over. The two students pulled over to help the gentleman out of the flipped car. McGill commented that a mild concussion and a few scratches were the only injuries on the gentleman. McGill then proceeded to call 911 for the gentleman. From there, both McGill and Applebaum waited with the man for help to arrive. McGill mentioned that while they were watching the police handle the scene, the owner of the SUV came out of the Post Office and asked police if it was OK for her to move her SUV, oblivious to the situation. No damage was done to the SUV. McGill and Applebaum waited around until they knew authorities had the situation under control.

Neither the gentleman nor the SUV owner was a DePaul Student. Also, both McGill and Applebaum mentioned that the SUV was not parked illegally or in any way that would have caused the accident. In addition, both students also said that it didn’t look like the gentleman who clipped the car was on his cell phone. It just appeared to be a very bad accident with a very lucky outcome for the gentleman who survived it. Kudos to McGill and Applebaum for helping out and being heroes in the process.

I took all the photos with my cell phone while walking to work that day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

DePaul Homecoming: My First Formal

This photo essay is dedicated to Ching Wen Hsiao and her friends from Taiwan. DePaul Homecoming was the first and only formal they have ever attended. I was happy to be able to capture Ching Wen's process of getting ready to her sheer pleasure of being at the dance.

Ching Wen lays out her dress in her bedroom to begin getting ready. She had her dress altered to fit her perfectly and spent the entire day before shopping for the perfect accessories.

She puts on her eyeliner in her little personal mirror on her desk. She prefers to do her make-up in the privacy of her room where she can watch her favorite shows on her laptop.

Ching Wen jokes with her friend Reina in Cortelyou Commons while waiting for the Trolley to take them to Union Station where the dance is being held.

Ching Wen is only a Trolley ride away from her first dance. She is anxious and excited as she gets on the bus with her friends.

Ching Wen dances with her friends. Her friends Rita (featured), Penny, and Reina have also never been to a formal. They are all enjoying the festivities.

Ching Wen gives a happy smile to the end of a great night. After a night of eating good food, laughing with friends, and dancing, she climbs the stair to get her coat and board the Trolley back to DePaul.