Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Final Critique

This is the final critique of the online news source I chose to evaluate for an Online Journalism at DePaul University. It was intended for educational purposes and the views expressed are my own.

I filmed this on my own in my bedroom where I knew it would be quite. The lighting is not the best and the auto focus was not cooperating. Other than those two issues, I would love to hear your comments and thoughts!


  1. As Director of Communications for a fast-growing online retail company, we are always searching for better, less expensive ways to follow news. I've seen Breitbart come up in searches before, but, most likely because of the meaningless name, had no idea what it was. Thank you for the insightful overview. I'll be adding Breitbart to my daily list of sites to check out.

  2. Hi Alex (do you go by that?),

    I think that your presentation was clear and concise, and although not in the best-lit location, rather well done. One thing that I have learned about presenting is to not call attention to the things that are wrong prior to starting because it tends to take the attention off of you and put it onto the fact that "hey, yeah, the lighting is bad. I wonder why she would have done that...etc" Breitbart.com is cool...thanks for the heads up on that. The best thing about blogging and Social Media is all of the things that you can learn from others.I had heard about the site before, but never used it.

    Good job!


  3. I guess I should clarify and say that I didn't really think anybody would be looking at this blog other than my classmates and professors. The only reason I made the comments about the lighting was to ensure I didn't get a bad grade on the project. But you are absolutely right from now on I will NOT point things like that out because it does draw attention to it. Thank you so much for your critique.